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PHP Exam Scro[t is a web based software allowing you to create online exams, quizzes and surveys and assess knowledge of your company's employees, your school's students or any other audience. You can either use this software from internet or restrict access to your company's intranet. Below are some features of interest:

+ Unlimited number of quizzes/surverys each containing unlimited number of questions

+ Ability to enter and display mathematical formulas

+ Assign custom points for correct answer to each question

+ Manage unlimited number of users for completing quizzes/surverys

+ Allow self registration of new users (including ability to restore lost username/password)

+ Ability to work with existing users of your company database/website instead of registering them again (including ability to use custom hashing algorithm for password checking)

+ Set minimum points/percentage of correct answers required to successfully complete assignment

+ Use percentage based or point based grading system for each assignment

+ Ability to set predefined or random sorting order for questions inside each assignment

+ Configurable mail notification templates sent on predefined events (to notify users when new test/survey is assigned to them, to send quiz results to users etc.)

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