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els Php Web Quiz Gold Lite
( Open Source )
els Odessa Content Sharing
( Open Source )
PHP Exam Script 2.0 Pro
( All what you need for creating Exam Web Site )

What is Odessa Content Sharing ?
els Odessa Content Sharing is web based open-source system that allows you to create custom pages ,upload videos , files and sell them

What is PHP Exam Script ?
els PHP Exam Script is a web based software allowing you to create online exams, quizzes and surveys and assess knowledge of your company's employees, your school's students or any other audience. You can either use this software from internet or restrict access to your company's intranet

Difference between PHP Exam Script Business and Subjects version
What you can do in Business and what you can do in subjects versions

Example page created with Odessa Content Sharing
This is example page that has been created with Odessa Content Sharing