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Configuration on config.php file

els Odessa Content Sharing : Configuration on config.php file

Some configuration a listed on config.php file that is in root folder of els Odessa Content Sharing system

Database information is listed in below variables

 define("SQL_IP", "localhost"); // ip address of mysql database
 define("SQL_USER", "root");  // username for connecting to mysql
 define("SQL_PWD",""); // password for connecting to mysql
 define("SQL_DATABASE","fast_com"); // database where you have executed sql scripts 

$SITE_TEMPLATE = "lite"; // this the default web site temaplte

Read more about web site templates on "System structure" section

define("SHOW_SQL","yes"); // Any error will display Sql Query on page . Keep it "No" on production

define("CURRENCY","USD"); // Currency for selling pages and files

define("IP_CHECK_ENABLED","yes"); // if you want to use ip restrictions you need to have "yes" on this section
define("LOG_DATA","no"); // if you want to enable login , logout log , you need to have "yes" on this section

define("CAT_THUMB_WIDTH","250"); // width thumbnail for categories that will created during the category image upload
define("CAT_THUMB_HEIGHT","100"); // height thumbnail for categories that will created during the category image upload

define("DEFAULT_MODULE_FOLDER","cms"); // default folder if module will not be found
define("DEFAULT_MODULE_FILE","cats_viewer"); // default file if module will not be found

Read more about web site templates on "System structure" section

define("ENABLE_COMMENTS_FORUNREG","yes"); // if you want to enable unregistered users to write comments , you need to have "yes" on this section
  define("SEND_COMMENTS","1"); // put 1 if you want enable sending copy of all comments to your email
  define("SYSTEM_EMAIL","elshanb@gmail.com");   // email where copy of comments will be send


  define("WEB_SITE_URL","http://localhost"); // the url where you installed this script . do not delete last slash  
  define("WEB_SITE_DOMAIN","mail.ru"); // your domain
  define("DEFAULT_COUNTRY","241"); // default country id for new registered users . id from "countries" table
  define("DEBUG_SQL","no"); // enable it , if you want to view sql queries . Queries will be shown on Settings -> Sql Queries section
  define("PAGING","30");  // paging for all grids
  define("COMMENT_PAGING","100"); // count of comments that will be shown on page ( paging count)

  define("MAIL_FROM", "phpwebquizgold@mail.ru"); //  Your mail address
  define("MAIL_CHARSET", "UTF-8"); // Charset of your mail
  define("MAIL_USE_SMTP", "yes");    // Authentication via smtp server
  define("MAIL_SERVER", "ssl://smtp.mail.ru"); // your mail server , only if smtp enabled
  define("MAIL_USER_NAME", "phpwebquizgold@mail.ru"); // your email address , only if smtp enabled
  define("MAIL_PASSWORD", "phpwebquiz_gold"); // password of your email address ,only if smtp enabled
  define("MAIL_PORT", "465"); // port of your smtp server, only if smtp enabled

  define("REGISTRATION_ENABLED", "yes"); // yes ,no - enables self registration for new users

  define("PAYPAL_ENABLED","yes"); // no/yes enable disable integration with paypal
  define("PAYPAL_SELLER_EMAIL",""); // email of your business paypal account
  define("PAYPAL_NOTIFY_SUCCESS_PAYMENT","yes"); // yes/no receive e-mails on success payment
  define("PAYPAL_NOTIFY_FAIL_PAYMENT","yes"); // yes/no receive e-mails on fail payment
  define("PAYPAL_CURRENCY","USD"); // currency of your paypal account
  define("PAYPAL_DATA_NAME","Load balance"); // Data name during the payment
  define("PAYPAL_USE_SANDBOX","yes"); // yes/no .  yes = sandbox , no = production
  $PAGE_TITLE = "els Content Sharing"; // title of your html page
  $META_TAGS = "els Content Sharing , E-lear , Electron learning, video sharing, file sharing , page sharing , book sharing , book selling, file selling"; // meta tags that will be displayed on page
  $allowed_avatar_formats=array("jpg","gif","jpeg","png"); // allowed avatar file formats that can be uploaded
  $max_avatar_size="500"; // max file size for avatar

 // method for hashing password of local users . You can change to another method
  function Local_Users_Password_Hash($entered_password)
      return md5($entered_password);

  $LANGUAGES = array("english.php"=>"English","russian.php"=>"Russian");

  Here you can add new languages . Read more about this on localization page