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this web service is using for creating bank account on local and stripe

        "line1" : "line1",
        "line2" : "line2",
        "state": "Mexico",       
        "postal_code": "90046",
        "date" : "1988-03-04",
        "route_number" : "111000025",  
        "account_number" : "000123456789",  
        "log_device_id" : "deviceid123",
        "log_user_argent" : "Mamedov",
        "log_device_type" : "APPLE_PHONE",
    "log_session_key" : "9D0FF72E-9A31-468F-9F87-538E446A29F62017051502000"





After running this web serivce should be shown message like  : you account will be verified in some hours

in "user_profiles " there is "is_verified" field, it will be "pending" , that means stripe will check it and verify . After some hours it can be "unverified" that means, stripe wasnt be able to check that bank account . verified_msg will show why it cannot add . if it's ok then the status will be "verified". there is also payouts enabled  filed. if it is 1 that means we can send him money otherwise not